Starlight Digital Art 2018 By Justin Gedak A quiet state of mind tortured but unafraid. She walks at night through the terror, and past the shadows. Led by starlight. Following hope. Searching for a place to call before a fractured memory of what might have been. A graveyard in her wake. The dead fall like flies. Nothing will stand in her way. I used a stock photo by Malleni-Stock from Deviantart as reference. You can check out the photo that I used here: There’s something really fun about hunting for stock photos. There’s thousands of them on Deviantart, and I find it really interesting sifting through them. I created this go


X Digital Art 2018 By Justin Gedak Marked for chaos and chosen to become none. A slave to the unknown. A queen of demons. Fictional disasters and shattered dreams. Suffered and survived. Broken and resurrected. Damned, and conquering worlds. This fantasy portrait is my first finished artwork of 2018. I based this one off of a stock photo by Reine-Haru. You can check out some close up photos and more info here: I created this gothic portrait using a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation with a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I used mainly Corel Painter for the digital painting, and Photoshop for touch-ups and color

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