Mermaid in the Dark

Mermaid in the Dark Digital artwork 2020 by Justin Gedak This is another digital art mermaid painting I finished the other day. I think this might be my favorite one I've done yet! I want to do more with this moody type of lighting. To me it is seems closer to something you'd see in a painting from hundreds of years ago. This painting in particular is actually was very much influenced and inspired by (one of my favorite artists) John William Waterhouse's mermaid painting. Looking around online, I don't usually see a lot of mermaid artwork that I really like. Not too sure why that is, because there seems to be so many people out there who love mermaids. Prints in various sizes of this one are

Mermaid Art

Mermaid Artwork Collection Starlight Mermaid (Above) Digital artwork 2020 by Justin Gedak I finished another digital art mermaid painting today, and i thought it would be kind of interesting to make a post consisting of my favorite mermaid portraits that I've done. Prints available at Society6 Winter Mermaid Mermaid and the Lighthouse Mermaid's Rest Mermaid at Midnight Mermaid in the Dark For anyone wanting to sign up to my mailing list, I'm giving away a free full resolution digital download of "Born for Battle". It's a very large image, 9000 x 6750 300dpi, and I figured it would be interesting for people to be able to zoom right in to see the details and brushwork. Also, anyone with acces

Shine: A Surreal Gothic Portrait

Shine Surreal Fantasy Digital Artwork by Justin Gedak 2020 Model: Ms. Mally I've decided to do something a little different with this one. I'm giving away the full resolution 8000 x 10000 pixel digital painting as a free download for anyone who wants it. Don't need to sign up for anything or anything like that, just an easy download from my Dropbox. Click the link below to download it, just keep in mind that because the file is so large you might not be able to view it properly on a phone or tablet. Feel free to print out as many as you like. Click Here to the Download the Artwork Would love to hear what you think! Also, here's a little slideshow video I put together showing my working proce

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