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So after many years of turning down commission work, I've decided to finally start doing custom portraits!

 $175 USD

For a custom warrior digital portrait painting.


If interested, I can be contacted at

Or through the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

Digital Painting Process:

My creation process involves using a reference photo, and painting hundreds of digital paint layers onto a very large digital image with a Wacom drawing tablet. It's a self taught technique I've evolved over the years, in which I go back and forth between painting on layers, and then scratching parts of them off. 

Portrait Info:

Finished portraits are usually around 10000 x 10000 pixels at 300dpi, depending on the aspect ratio. The great thing with creating artwork at such high resolutions, is that the finished works can literally be printed at any size, while still having super crisp details when viewed at close distances.

The portraits are quite time consuming, and usually take between two to seven days to complete.

Finished digital paintings will be sent via email.


I typically will do up to a maximum of two revisions to a portrait once completed. Additional revisions are $50 per revision.



Payment can be made via Paypal or E-transfer.

Once I've received payment, I'll send over a Dropbox link containing the full resolution file.




Once you have the finished digital painting file, you can have it printed at a local print shop, or do it online through a place like WhiteWall, which offers premium grade giclee, canvas, acrylic, and metal printing options of various sizes.





Above is a slideshow video showing some of the different stages of my digital painting process. Most paintings consist of quite a few hundred layers, but for the videos I condense a lot of the layers to keep the videos shorter and more interesting to watch.

Below are some more examples of before and afters with the original photos vs the finished paintings

Barbaric Empress
A Place that Still Remains
Through to Serenity
Cold and Haunted
Voices in the Dark
Keeper of Dreams
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