Justin Gedak was born in Langley British Columbia Canada on September, 25th 1982, and grew up in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver.

His series of digital paintings are surreal gothic fantasy portraits themed around the concept of individuals who have been through troubled times, and survived to be stronger for it.

"People often ask me why I only paint sad women," Justin says, "but my response is always that I don't see them as sad. I see them as inspiring, and even uplifting. I see them as warriors who refuse defeat. The idea of going through hell, and coming out the other side while managing to maintain a sense of strength, honor, and beauty is something that I think deserves admiration."

His surreal oil paintings are more so focused around themes of the subconscious, and what lurks behind the concepts of rationality and reality.

"Taking a piece of paper and coming up with a sketch for a future surrealist painting is almost like digging around in white sand, and pulling up dinosaur bones. Ancient things which seem foreign to myself. Once out, and as I continue to pursue the ideas, the distorted images come to life all on their own. The eyes seeming to stare back, the limbs beginning to ebb and flow. The things which seemed so foreign to begin with become familiar. Become glimpses of myself, mirrors reflecting the workings of my inner worlds. Windows into the imagination." 

Besides painting, Justin also spends time writing fantasy/horror stories.

Justin currently resides in the Fraser Valley. 


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