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Alone but Free: A Medieval Portrait of a Goth Girl

Alone but Free by Justin Gedak

Alone but Free

Digital Painting and Photo Manipulation of a Medieval Goth Girl

by Justin Gedak 2016

Eyes like emeralds lost in torn up worlds

tortured but never defeated

alone but free.

Ancient soul.

Haunted heart.

She hears the voices of the dead;

a scream of silent murmurs.

Choir of the damned.

Lyrics of the mad.

The guilt of a thousand sorrows,

scraping dirty fingernails against the doorway to her soul.

Vampires howling at the gates of sanity,

demanding payment for crimes unseen.

She holds strong.

She has battled the worst, and survived to be stronger.

And now no matter the cost,

She holds forever strong.

Digital Painting Detail by Justin Gedak

This Gothic fantasy portrait was created with a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation using Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I digitally painted on literally hundreds of layers to get that "scratchy effect using a self taught technique.

Based on the photography of Cathleen Tarawhiti.

Alternative gothic girl

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