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Me With an Oil Painting

Justin Gedak Artist

Photo of me with my recent oil painting to kinda give an idea on the size. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how I want to go forward with painting in oils like this. They look so much better in person than in photos, that I’m actually considering not putting them for sale online. I’m thinking that I might want to eventually try and get them into galleries so that people can experience them in person.

I Love my digital paintings, but I’ve always said there’s a weird sort of “magic” that goes into creating work in oils. I think that putting so much energy into each layer and brushstroke in a way takes something from the subconscious of the artist, and puts it into the painting, giving the artwork a life of it’s own--as crazy as that might sound. Also, the creating something from nothing, for me, is also almost spiritual, as even crazier as that might sound. It’s something that never really seems to come across right through photos online, so maybe gallery exhibitions might make more sense for them.

Then again maybe I’ve been living out here in the woods for too long, staring at my paintings, and slowly losing my mind!

Another thing I will say is that painting in oils seems to take a lot more out of me mentally and emotionally than painting digitally.

What’s your take on all of this?


For anyone wanting to sign up to my mailing list, I'm giving away a free full resolution digital download of "Born for Battle". It's a very large image, 9000 x 6750 300dpi, and I figured it would be interesting for people to be able to zoom right in to see the details and brushwork. Also, anyone with access to a good printer can print off their own print of it without having to order anything online.

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