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Edge - A Surreal Gothic Fantasy Portrait Painting


Oil on canvas 24" x 36" 2021

Model: Toniquinne

I've really been enjoying working with just raw umber, ivory black, and titanium white for my recent oil paintings. This is my third timelapse video I've made for the oil paintings. Check it out below.

I'll have the painting available for purchase in a few weeks. It looks even better in person.

Because of the way I paint in layers, much of the richer shadowed colors appear a lot deeper and three dimensional in person. This is because the colors are created through using multiple thinner glazed layers instead of mixing the exact color directly through one layer.

I've included some up close detail photos that you can check out below as well.

Would love to hear what you think!

Also, the model in the painting, Toniquinne, has Instagram, Tikok, Youtube, etc pages that focus on mental health and recovery. She's an awesome person, and worth checking out. You can visit her Youtube page here:


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