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Enchant: A Belly Dancer Vampire with Tattoos

Enchant Digital art 2023

This one is based off of some stock photography of @littleredrosefox that I purchased from @imrachelbradley and @noahbradley. I can't remember if it was directly from their site Reference Pictures, or from their ArtStation shop. I've bought numerous photo packs from both locations, they've got some of the best stock photography out there.

It's interesting, I was originally planning on adding a bunch of tattoos of different song lyrics, but the harder I tried to add them, the more off they looked. Most of the time my artwork comes out different than I was intending. It's like it has a mind or soul of it's own sometimes, and is intent on coming into existence in it's own way, rather than my way. This does make creating the artwork more interesting though.

If anyone's wondering why the number 8 is in a lot of the portraits, it's my favorite number. Not entirely sure why lol, I just like it.

Prints available at, Society6, InPRNT, and ArtStation

This is the song that I was listening to a lot while painting this portrait:

And here's an image of what the original reference photo looked like:


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