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Oil Painting vs Digital Painting

I did sort of an interesting experiment. I based this recent oil painting on a digital painting I had done, and then from Society6 I ordered a canvas print of the digital version that’s the exact same size as the oil painting. I wanted to physically see them side by side. When viewing online, I find that most of the time to me the digital versions will look better than the traditional oil paintings. But viewing oil paintings in person is such a different experience than seeing photos online. Seeing the two side by side, in person the oil painting looks way better. The colors are richer, the shadows are deeper, the textures of the brushstrokes more interesting. It also looks more alive. Like you’re looking through a window into another world, instead viewing of a photo of another world.

I know I still have a really long way to go in terms of getting my oil paintings to look as good as I’d like them to look in my mind, but exploring this potential is going to be a fun adventure. It’s strange, I’ve been oil painting off and on most of my life, and I’d say most of the time I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Like I’m flailing forwards in the dark, not knowing where I’m going to end up.

The artwork is based on Jane Orpheus. She works with doom metal bands, and to me is one of the most interesting and beautiful looking people online. She’s what I’d imagine a queen of vampires would look like. You can check out her Instagram page here:

The oil painting is available at my BigCartel shop. This can be found in the “Originals” section of my website. The digital version is available as an open edition print at Society6. Digital version prints will also be available at other numerous print shops soon.

Here's a link to purchase the oil painting:


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